Curbside Concierge

The health and well-being of our clients, patients and staff are always a top priority at Barrett Station Veterinary Clinic. In response to the evolving effects and concerns of COVID-19 we have decided to close our lobby and offer “Hands-Free” Drop-Off Appointments and Curbside Concierge to all of our clients during this difficult time.

Appointments, Drop Offs, and Surgery

We will still be providing all services as always just under new guidelines to maintain limited contact and social distancing. Here are a few things to expect during a “Hands-Free” appointment for your pet…

  • You will be given a scheduled time to arrive similar to a normal office visit.
  • Prior to visit you can go to our online forms and complete the Drop-Off form to review the needs of your pet and inform us of concern, medication refills, and additional requests. If your pet is staying for a few hours or a surgery/dental appointment we ask that you complete the online treatment/surgery consent form that allows you to electronically sign in advance. If you have questions are team is happy to assist you.
  • Please call 314-822-2882 when you arrive and we transfer you to a technician to obtain your pet’s medical history for the doctor. Please inform them at this time of any medications, preventatives, tests, or treatments your pet may need during their visit.
  • A technician will meet you outside to obtain your pet. PLEASE be outside of vehicle with your pet securely leashed (6ft leash preferred, no Flexi-leads) or in a carrier. For the safety of our staff we are unable to get patients from the inside of your vehicle unless we are made aware of special circumstance prior to admission.  This will be limited to emergencies and special circumstances ONLY.
  • You may wait in your car during your pet’s exam for curbside concierge appointments. If you have chosen a drop off appointment, we will contact you and arrange a discharge time.
  • All communications will be via phone so please be sure we have your current phone number and be ready for calls.
  • Payment can be made via credit/debit over the phone or cash/check can be given to our technician when you pick up your pet.
  • All documents, including invoices, will be emailed to you.
  • A member of our team will arrange a pick-up time and details with you via phone.

If you would like to have home delivery please use our online store –